Iceland’s Cannabis Scene

Marijuana is illegal in Iceland. The usage, control, transport, cultivation, and sale of cannabis – even yet in smaller amounts – could secure offenders in prison. While cannabis control isn’t strictly enforced, first-time offenders will face fines that are heavy.

The charges be determined by the total amount of cannabis an offender is caught in control of. First-time offenders in control of no more than one gram of marijuana shall be asked to spend 35,000 kroner. Control of greater than .5 kg of cannabis, on the other hand, will land an offender at the least three months in jail.

Transport of cannabis into Iceland can be strictly forbidden and customized officials are vigilant about checking tourists’ suitcases for unlawful substances brought in to the nation. Tourists caught bringing cannabis into Iceland will face months of imprisonment, as well as years, if A amount that is large of substance is involved.

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Not surprisingly, nonetheless, the United Nations’ 2014 World Drug Report named Iceland as getting the largest per capita population of cannabis cigarette smokers in the planet. To be more certain, 18.3% of Icelanders from ages 15 to 65 smoke weed. The usa placed only 2nd.

Health cannabis

Making use of medical cannabis in Iceland continues to be forbidden, but there are currently a few forms of marijuana-based pharmaceuticals permitted. These consist of Sativex, which can be prescribed by approved neurosurgeons to patients who will be enduring muscular dystrophy.

Proposal to legalize cannabis

In MP Pawel Bartoszek proposed a bill to legalize marijuana for september adult use. The proposed legislation will place a framework of guidelines set up pertaining to the decriminalization of this usage, cultivation, manufacturing, handling, and product sales of cannabis.

The proposed legislation also provides that the minimal age that is allowable cannabis usage is two decades old. Furthermore, tiny scale shopping will likely to be allowed, along with the sale of cannabis in unique cannabis restaurants. These unique restaurants, nevertheless, won’t be permitted to serve liquor.

More over, the balance provides that cannabis will likely be offered in a packaging that is gray having a message that is simple information on the merchandise – like the producer’s title, the real name of this item, a description of their articles, and a warning of its possible effects that are harmful. Furthermore, there is supposed to be a ban that is total a variety of cannabis item adverts.

The balance additionally indicates a cannabis charge, much like the one which alcohol manufacturers and importers pay.

The balance will be up for conversation in Iceland’s Parliament.

Bartoszek has clearly expressed optimism that the bill shall be gotten absolutely, although he could be additionally practical and understands that you will find those that are against cannabis. He stated that as he’s getting lots of Support for his proposed marijuana legislation, there are also a complete lot of folks who are extremely vocal about their viewpoint that legalizing the substance is an idea that is bad. Nonetheless, based on him, conflicting jobs such as this is simply normal in every society that is democratic.

Bartoszek stated that, only at that true point, he’s nevertheless maybe not particular whether Citizens will give the bill the known degree of support it requires to the complete legalization of cannabis. He seems, however, that marijuana reform is something which Icelanders have already been planning to see. He included which he heard people would really like some kind of decriminalization as very very first approach. Yet, he thinks that the legalization of marijuana is an even more solution that is effective when compared with decriminalization.

Also, Bartoszek stated he hopes that the balance becomes an icebreaker which will spur the discussion on cannabis and that it will probably fundamentally assist stop the punishment of the who consume marijuana. He noted that every 12 months, over 1,000 people in the united states are now being prosecuted for marijuana-related issues.